Many truly unique artists reside in Berlin. The motivation for making ZOO is that more people in Berlin should know of the awsome work of these people. AND at the same time these people will meet each other and that in itself has great potential.

The guests so far are

Olof Olsson (SE)

Olof will deliver a speach with the title: ”Ich bin ein berliner”. His speaches are always civilized, distinctly “european”, clever – and a lot of fun.

Boris Boll-Johansen (DK)
Boris will read translations of some of his awsome stories. Among other things he’ll explain how Danes settle disagreements when they play tennis. And how this is a result of their democratic upbringing.


DON APOLLO will do a set which will send you to strange and disturbing continents.

Hosted by Sternberg (Denmark)

More names to follow.

26.4., 21.00
Joes Bar
Schönhauser allee 157
Prenzlberg (Here you can see previous speaches by Olof Olsson in english) (Sternbergs danish website) (Boris Boll-Johansens danish website)

—– Entrance is free ——